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The role of the P&C is to work, as the voice of the Parents. We work with and support the College Executive (Principal and Staff) to achieve the best outcomes for our students.  We do this by
• Building a strong sense of community amongst our immediate families, the staff and students through a range of events and activities
• Providing financial support to enhance the facilities and resources for our students
• Collaborating with the Principal, Executive and staff on a range of mattes including behaviour policies, uniform and the needs of the students
• Funding the employment of the School Chaplain
• Funding our College Scholarship program 
• Running the Canteen and Uniform shop

How does the P&C work?

The P&C is made up entirely of volunteers.  We have an elected Executive comprising President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.  All roles of the Executive are declared vacant at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Incumbents may stand again and be re-elected or new members can stand for election by the quorum.
New non-executive members can join at any time throughout the year.  The Executive is elected to their positions at the AGM and this election remains current until the next AGM.
Everything the P&C does aims to contribute to the school community, whether by building community spirit or providing resources to supplement those provided by Education Queensland.  In 2014 the P&C contributed over $10,000 to various projects and events throughout the year.
All P&C expenditure is carefully planned and considered with the support of the Principal and College Leadership Team and tabled at the P&C meetings.
The P&C also provides support to families of students who compete in State and or National sporting competitions.
Other than the profits from the Canteen and Uniform Shop the P&C undertake various fundraising events over the school year to supplement our financial contribution to the College.
Some of these events are run by the P&C and some by the Arts Support Group (ASG) whose sole focus is the support of the Arts Faculty.  This includes music, dance, drama, media and technology, static art and photography.
The ASG is a vital subcommittee of the P&C and also made up entirely of volunteers.  It has an elected executive comprising Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and Fundraiser(s). New members can join at any time throughout the year.  All roles of the Executive are declared vacant at the AGM.  Incumbents can stand again and be re-elected or new members may stand for election by the quorum.

How does the ASG work?

The role of the ASG is to work with the Arts Department as the voice of the Parents. We support the Heads of Department to achieve the best outcomes for our students.  We do this by:
• Fundraising for equipment (mobile PA System, high tech digital Camera)
• Providing specialist transport to student events (Eisteddfods)
• Funding ‘Artists in Residence’, specialist teaching outside the normal college curriculum
• Costuming for various events (College Play, Eisteddfods and various other events)
In 2014 the ASG also contributed over $10,000 to various projects and events in throughout the year.
Like the P&C, the ASG’s expenditure is carefully planned and considered in consultation with the HOD and tabled at the ASG meetings.
We are like all families, diverse in our needs and we look forward to presenting a busy and varied list of event this year.  You can help by volunteering for all or JUST ONE of these events.

How does the P&C raise funds?

There are 3 main sources of P&C income:
• Canteen and Uniform Shop
• Fundraising events
• Voluntary Contribution

Canteen and Uniform Shop

The P&C runs the Canteen and the Uniform Shop as a business.  We use the income from these businesses to fund all of the programs and commitments in our College Family.  We have a mixture of paid and volunteer staff that operate these businesses and have incredible support from the College Executive.


The P&C and ASG organise several fundraising events each year. Each of these fundraisers focus on ways to source contributions from beyond CSC families engaging local business along with family and friends and workmates from outside the Coorparoo area.

Voluntary Contribution

You may not feel you can volunteer your time or expertise to the College but you can make a voluntary financial contribution.  This could be in the form of a prize for a raffle.  Please talk to us if you can help?
Some of our events this year will include:
Welcome to the Family (February)  ​Cookies for a Camera (April)
​Kokoda Challenge (July)  ​Cabaret (August)
​Christmas in July (July) ​Arts Week (Thurs, Fri & Sat)(November)
​Book Fair (September)  ​Year 12 Farewell Morning Tea (Nov) 
We hope you can join us for many or all of these events but would love if you could volunteer for JUST ONE!

How can I help or become involved?

1. Join the P&C or ASG by completing the attached membership form.  You will contribute to key decisions that impact families and students such as behaviour management, changes to the uniform policy and the wellbeing of our students.  The P&C and ASG meet on the 3rd Monday of every month during school term.  Very occasionally we call special meetings as well.
Conference Room, Administration Block (outside the Principal's Office, Level 1)
ASG 6.00pm-6.30pm
P&C 6.30pm-8.30pm
2. Participate as a Volunteer in whatever way you can.  Families help by volunteering in the canteen and uniform shop covering break periods in the Canteen or on ASG selling raffle tickets, providing introductions to businesses sharing ideas for fundraising or just lending a hand when the call comes out. Whichever one you chose will connect you with other ‘family’ members around the college.  Research shows that children do better when parents and carers are involved with their school. 
We are all time poor these days. We would like you to consider JUST ONE. Please complete the JUST ONE Form (PDF, 145KB) to show your interest.  You can be as involved as coming to every meeting or JUST ONE, which will spread the load over all the families.


We also make calls for help through the College Newsletter and via email Newsflash.  Otherwise, feel free to come in to the Canteen and let us know how you can lend a hand.
You can also contact the P&C Executive via email on, we’ll be happy to connect you to the right people.
We have a big year planned look forward to seeing you around the College.
Warm regards,
P&C Executive

For more information, please see our P&C constitution (PDF, 598 KB), contact the school, or email the P&C for more information.

2017 P&C Executive

President: David Brook

Vice President: Victoria Herd

Secretary: Anna Day

Treasurer: TBA

P&C committee minutes

P&C Arts support group committee minutes