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Our school

At Coorparoo Secondary College, our fundamental principle is the delivery of world class secondary education. It's a goal that continues to inspire and excite us, as we build a reputation for diligence and dedication in the way we work with our students, their parents and the community.

By challenging - and supporting - our students to develop their unique potential, we empower them to confidently and capably pursue opportunities. We also aim to equip them with the insight and skills to surmount the challenges the future will bring in their personal and professional lives.

Facilitating this is a team of energetic, committed and nurturing professionals, each one respected as an expert in their chosen discipline.

As a school community we have a vision of "Creating Tomorrow Together", and doing it in a very practical way. It's an approach that emanates from our key convictions, the cornerstones that underpin what we teach, even how and why we go about it. 

These cornerstones are creativity, partnerships and environment.

In order to "Create Tomorrow Together", the Coorparoo Secondary College way of teaching and learning incorporates:

Developing Creativity through

  • Extension Programs

Developing Partnerships with

  • BSDE & our blended learning initiatives

  • GU & STEM ambassadors program

  • Industry, Community, Clubs, Parents, Support team

  • Universities, TAFE, Primary Schools, EEC’s to develop Professional Learning Communities

Appreciating our Environment

  • Local to Global perspective

  • Sustainable practices

Why Creativity?

Employers tell us our students need to be creative thinkers so that they learn to “think outside the square” to find creative solutions to the problems they will face as they pursue future careers in the information age. They also need to develop flexibility to adapt to changing work roles and combine work with lifelong learning. Creativity also helps each learner to lead a well balanced life.

Why Partnerships?

Partnerships with other educational providers increase our students’ opportunity to access advanced or specialised programs offered by universities, TAFE’s etc., so that they combine these with school subjects as part of their course of study. Partnerships with industry and the community open doors for our students into work experience, mentoring, future jobs, school based apprenticeships and traineeships and support networks.

Why Environment?

Without sustaining our environment, there will be no tomorrow. Our students act locally to protect our environment globally for tomorrow. Our learners today are tomorrow’s responsible global citizens. Our direct access to the Brisbane River via Norman Creek gives us a unique opportunity to position ourselves as renowned leaders in marine education with pathways to related careers, leisure pursuits, and further specialised study