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Homework policy


There are two types of homework:

  • Set homework: day to day work or assignments to be completed after a certain period of time.

  • Study homework: work is done to revise in class activities or prepare for some form of assessment. This type of homework is completed whether a teacher set it or not.

If homework is completed regularly and well, students will enhance their ability to learn and to find their college learning more rewarding. Our aim is to encourage students to develop motivation, self-discipline, and sound study habits to ensure that they make the most of their educational opportunities.

To ensure that students reach their educational potential the following responsibilities are encouraged.

  • Parents/guardians are urged to contact the teacher concerned when in doubt about what is expected of their students.

  • Parents/guardians are asked to make regular checks on the homework set and to cooperate with the teacher by signing the P/T communication of the college diary.

  • Teachers are encouraged to advise parents/guardians of actions or attitudes which impede student’ learning opportunities.