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Mobile phones and electronic devices policy


Mobile phones (with cameras, internet connection and recording mechanisms) and other electronic devices are an integral part of modern living. They have become a convenient and useful mode of communication and entertainment. They serve an important role in enhancing contact with the world, providing immediate access to information, giving families a sense of security and providing individuals with hours of entertainment.

Acknowledging the above, the number of mobile phones and other electronic devices at the college has sharply increased in recent years. If students bring a mobile phone or electronic device to school then they must comply with the college policy. Students will be able to listen to and play with devices before class and during breaks however they must be turned off and out of sight on entry to classrooms. An exception to this rule exists only if an individual classroom teacher gives discretionary approval for use as an aid to enhancing the learning of that class. Therefore mobiles and other electronic devices may be used in the classroom for educational purposes.

These rules exist because;

  • undisciplined mobile phone and electronic device use during lessons disturbs the process of teaching, learning and assessment;

  • undisciplined use of devices before school and during breaks can cause physical damage (hearing loss), emotional stress, and anti-social behaviour and therefore requires supervision of use;

  • visibility of new mobile phone technology and electronic devices encourages theft from school bags, causing stress, conflict and financial hardship when items go missing.

Mobile phones are not necessary for school as students have access the blue telephone in the office if they need to contact their home. If family members need to contact their student, they may ring the college office and staff will see that the message is received by the individual in question.

Policy statement

  1. Any mobile phone or electronic device brought to the college is to be turned off and out of sight on entry to the classroom unless use is directed by the classroom teacher.

  2. Phones and electronic devices may be used before school and during lunch breaks as long as the use does not contravene the college’s responsible behaviour plan (PDF, 438KB).

  3. Staff members have the right to question students on the use of their device. If the teacher believes there is any concern to themselves or others, they will refer concerns to the office for clarification and action. Refusal to comply with teacher instructions will not be tolerated.

  4. Transfer of information and data via the use of devices in classrooms will be permitted at the discretion of classroom teachers.

  5. The college will not be responsible for lost mobile phones or electronic devices.

Consequences for violation of the college's mobile and electronic device policy are;

  • 1st offence – Mobile phone and electronic device used inappropriately during class lessons will be required to be handed in at the Administration office for a 2.50 pm collection from the relevant Deputy Principal. Parents will be contacted via a text.

  • 2nd offence – Mobile phones and electronic device used inappropriately during class lessons will be required to be handed in at the Administration office where the devices will be kept by the relevant Deputy Principal for one (1) week. Parents will be contacted.

  • 3rd offence – suspension with parents to collect the offending device.

Refusal to comply with teacher instructions to hand the offending device in at the office will result in an automatic suspension with the parent to collect the item.

Inappropriate use of mobile phone or electronic device during breaks (eg. viewing inappropriate imaging, playing violent games, filming other students, cyber bulling or nuisance calling/texting, etc) will result in consequences outlined in the college's responsible behaviour plan (PDF, 438 KB).