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Uniform policy


Coorparoo Secondary College is a college where students are required to wear the stipulated uniform. Its dress standards reflect community expectations and standards as determined by the principal in consultation with the college’s P&C representatives. Our school uniform is available from our uniform shop.

Students are required to wear the full college uniform at all times travelling to and from the college and while at the college. This also includes when:

  • participating in college excursions (day uniform).

  • travelling to and from sport.

The following dress code is the standard for Coorparoo Secondary College.

College Uniform Dress Code

Boys day uniform


Junior Secondary (7-9) - Blue shirt with dark blue trim.
Senior Secondary (10-12) - Short sleeve white shirt to be worn with senior tie.

Trouser​ College grey trousers - Black trousers are not acceptable
Shorts​ College grey shorts - Black shorts are not acceptable
​Belt ​Plain grey or black belt.
Socks​ Mid-calf or long grey socks​
​Shoes Black leather lace-up shoes​
​Jumper Polar fleece jacket or grey unisex pullover or college blazer (orders for a blazer must be placed by end of February).​
​Badge Compulsory - Official college student badge purchased through the uniform shop​

Girls day uniform​​

Junior Secondary (7-9) – Blue over blouse with dark blue trim with
buttoned blue tie.
Senior Secondary (10-12) – White over blouse to be worn with the senior tie.​
Dark blue skirt (below the knee)
​Slacks Grey tailored slacks (slacks are not to be figure-hugging)
Black or skin-tone stockings
Mid-calf white socks (no logo markings) – plain white
(anklet sport socks are not acceptable)
​Shoes Black leather lace-up shoes (ballet flats or slip-ons are not acceptable)
Polar fleece jacket or grey unisex pullover or college blazer. (Orders for a blazer must be placed by the end of February)
Compulsory - Official college student badge purchased through the uniform shop.​

Sports uniform - (Unisex)​

Shirt ​
Coorparoo sports polo shirt​
Coorparoo blue sports shorts (Variations to the blue college sports shorts are unacceptable)
Short white socks only (no logos)​
Plain white, grey or black sport shoes.

Dress Standard

Students are required to wear the college day uniform on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

  • When students have a scheduled physical education class they will be required to change into their sports uniform.

  • Black leather lace up school shoes are to be worn with the day uniform.

  • The girls day uniform skirt must be at knee length as a minimum, no shorter.

  • All boys shirts must be tucked in.

  • Shirt sleeves are not to be rolled or pressed up.

  • All students have the option of wearing their sports uniform on Wednesdays.

  • Undershirts or T-shirts are not to be worn under the sports uniform.

  • The college hat is a cap (available for purchase at the uniform shop).

  • No other caps or beanies will be permitted.

  • Head scarves are to be either white, college blue or black (patterns are not acceptable).

  • The wearing of jewellery and facial piercings is restricted at school. The only exceptions to this rule are the following:

    • watch

    • sleepers and small studs for ear piercings only (two pair maximum). Facial piercings, ear spacers/stretchers/plugs are strictly prohibited.

    • religious symbols on chain around neck (to be worn under uniform collar and out of sight).

  • The wearing of makeup is strictly prohibited at school. The only exception to this rule is:

    • a suitably toned foundation (foundation that does not match your natural skin tone is unacceptable).

Formal occasions and excursions

The full day uniform is to be worn when attending all official functions and excursions. 

Consequences of non-compliance with uniform policy:

  • Your parents/guardians need to write a note explaining the uniform infringement.

  • Students must present the note to a member of administration, year level coordinator, or form teacher, and receive a uniform slip.

  • Failure to bring a note for not wearing the correct college uniform will result in a uniform lunch detention.

  • Non-attendance at lunch detention will result in an after school detention.

  • Where a student has received two lunch detentions, the third offence of non-compliance will result in two after school detentions.

  • Refusal to attend after school detentions may result in suspension.

  • Where possible students will be required to change into a uniform from college stores.

  • Non-compliance may result in a student being sent home to correct the uniform