Welcome to the main page for the Coorparoo Secondary College (CSC) Parents and Citizens Association (P&C). Here you will find our 2019 goals and objectives as well as ways to get involved and our 2019 P&C executive members.

The P&C is a team of hard working volunteers representing the voice of the parents and the greater CSC Community. We work to support and build a strong Coorparoo Family with our 2019 targets, these include but are not limited to;

  1. The running of our various community targeted events that aim to create enjoyable and memorable occasions for all CSC community members.

  2. Building strong relationships with our local primary schools, businesses and most importantly our very own Coorparoo families.

  3. Collaborating with our amazing College Staff and Executive Members, the Student Representative Council (SRC) and the College Student Leaders, to ensure that the P&C is working for them and helping to achieve their goals for the past, present and future students and staff of CSC.

  4.  Funding various events, programs, awards and scholarship programs for CSC students to partake in.

Meet the Team:

  • President: Jon Scorer - 2016 CSC Graduate: Taking over the chair as president for 2019, Jon. In his third year with the association, has aimed for 2019 to be one of the P&C’s biggest years yet. With his key targets set on community involvement, school promotion and student/staff requirement’s.
  • Vice President: Victoria Herd - CSC Parent: Helping the P&C for some years now as VP, Victoria is a hardworking and highly dedicated member of the team, her bubbly personality can bring otherwise boring meetings to life.
  • Secretary: Emily Herd - 2017 CSC Graduate: Keeping us all in line is Emily, a vital member of the team, Emily works hard to insure the smooth & problem free operation of the P&C. 
  • Treasurer: Griffin Davis - 2016 CSC Graduate: Making the tax man happy, Griffin. In his second year as Treasurer and third year with the P&C, Griffin has the ‘Fun’ task of taking care of the banks and legal side of things.

Fundraising For 2019:

For 2019 we have tried to do something a little different, our fundraising objectives present the perfect opportunities for us to raise much needed funds to help and support our CSC students and staff.  Volunteers are always needed, and your support would be greatly appreciated.

  • The Italian Trivia Night – June 21

    The event you won’t want to miss! Seven rounds of trivia, games, prizes, a bar and most importantly authentic Italian pizza (dominos) for dinner! The perfect event for the whole family to enjoy. 

  • Adults Only Poker Night – August 30

    An over 18’s event targeted at our CSC parents to give them a fun night out while getting to know fellow parents and win some cool prizes! 

  • Coorparoo Fright Night – November 1

    Free entry to a spooky community event providing a thrilling evening complete with food vans, signature P&C snags/bar, cakes, ghostly games, rides, music and so much more. Come along if you dare…

Get Involved:

Research shows that students do better when parents and carers are involved with their school, so join the team that’s working hard for our Coorparoo Family!

P&C Meetings are 6:30pm – 8:30pm in the school Conference Room, Outside the Principal's Office, Level 1, CSC Administration Block, on the 3rd Monday of each month and in the event of a public holidays the following Tuesday night. Feel free to come along, obligation free!

2019 Meeting Dates: April 23, May 20, June 17, July 15, August 19, September 16, October 21, November 18 and our end of year P&C celebration on December 2.

You can also contact the P&C Executive team directly via email on: or visit us on Facebook at 

We look forward to having your support and input throughout 2019!

All the best for a successful 2019,

The CSC P&C Team

Last reviewed 18 October 2019
Last updated 18 October 2019