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Coorparoo’s Accelerating Academics’ Program, CAAP, is designed as a specialised pathway tailored to meet the needs of talented, gifted and highly capable students. In CAAP, students have the opportunity to learn and undergo assessment at a pace that surpasses their current year level in mathematics and music.
Our program is designed to flexibly cater to the advanced learning needs of high-performing students, providing accelerated progression with reduced repetition. Students will be enabled to engage with more complex and abstract information, fostering development of higher-order thinking skills. Opportunities will be provided for students to collaborate in learning with peers who share similar academic objectives and interests, aimed at cultivating collaborative skills in
problem-solving, critical and creative thinking, as well as self-reflection.

To identify and enrol students in the program, we use:
  • A-E subject area and effort results from the two most recent school academic reports
  • NAPLAN results (from Year 5)
  • An entrance examination
  • Supporting evidence from current teacher/s (teacher checklist attached)
  • Information from the student about why they want to participate in CAAP
  • Information regarding a student’s extracurricular involvement and interests
  • A parent/guardian statement about their child’s suitability for CAAP
  • Any other supporting documents you wish to provide.
The application process consists of four phases:

Phase 1​

Completion of application package by 3 May 2024. This is to include:
  • Completed EOI (attached)
  • Year 5 NAPLAN report (if your child sat the exam)
  • Copies of two most recent school academic reports
  • Completed teacher and instrumental teacher checklists (attached)
  • Any other supporting documents you wish to provide

Phase 2

Shortlisted applicants will be notified 20 May 2024 and will receive an invitation to an interview with the Junior School Deputy Principal and sit the ACER General Ability Test (AGAT) at the college on 19 June 2024. To take this test, a payment of $50 is necessary. However, this payment can be applied as credit towards school fees if you are accepted and choose to participate in this program.

Phase 3

Students will attend a conference with the Student Success CAAP Team early in third term 2024, date to be confirmed. This conference enables the CAAP team to get to know the applicant, establish their learning profile and tailor the program to their preference.

Phase 4

Successful applicants will attend an induction workshop, where students gather as a class to meet each other and the teaching team, and to discuss learning in order to inform planning for 2025. The date of this workshop will be confirmed for Term 4, 2024.​ All students will be invited to attend the Year 7 Orientation Day in late Term 4.

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Last reviewed 07 May 2024
Last updated 07 May 2024