Bullying policy


Bullying will not be tolerated at Coorparoo Secondary College.

At Coorparoo Secondary College, we have an expectation that everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Everyone should feel safe and valued at Coorparoo Secondary College, and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure this happens.

When we feel angry, embarrassed, frightened, humiliated, or uncomfortable as a result of someone’s deliberately hurtful actions or words, it affects our self-confidence. If it persists, we find it difficult to concentrate on our work, to enjoy going to school and to keep good relationships with others. Everyone must be protected from all forms of bullying. Bullying may be defined as the wilful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten, intimidate or embarrass someone. Intimidation and violence have no place in our school and will not be acceptable under any circumstances.

Types of bullying

A person is being bullied when he or she:

  • Is threatened/is hit/is pushed around

  • Is physically harassed or singled out for unfair treatment

  • Is sexually harassed

  • Is cyber bullied (e.g. msn, face book)

  • Is called hurtful, abusive or offensive names

  • Is teased repeatedly in a nasty manner

  • Is ridiculed about their appearance or abilities

  • Has rumours spread about him/her

  • Has graffiti written about him/her

  • Has their property interfered with

  • Receives obscene SMS text/emails

  • Receives verbal assaults via chat rooms.

What can I do?

What can you do if bullying is minor?

  • If the bullying is incidental and minor, show by ignoring that it does not upset you. The bully is then not encouraged and may stop.

  • Confront the person bullying you. Tell them that the actions are unwanted or illegal and that you want them to stop. Remind them that Coorparoo Secondary College has a policy against bullying, and it is taken very seriously.

  • Tell someone. There are many people around who care about you. Friends, parents, teachers can help you make a decision in order to stop the bullying.

What you do if the bullying persists or is serious?

  • Report the matter to your form teacher, year level coordinator, college nurse, guidance officer or a member of the college administration. These people will respect your anonymity, whether you are a victim or a reporter of the incident. It is important that you allow them to take action to stop bullying.

College response to bullying

Coorparoo Secondary College will deal seriously with those who bully other people. All incidents will be dealt with.

1st stage

Both students/parties will be interviewed separately by a deputy principal. Parents of each will be contacted. Strategies for change will be examined. Detentions will be given if warranted.

2nd stage (if bullying continues)

Student/s must show cause as to why he/she should not be suspended.

Advice for parents

  • Watch for signs that your child might be bullied (wanting to miss school, truanting, tension, unhappiness, bruising, disappearance of property, self harming, damaged clothing)

  • If you think your child is being bullied, inform your child’s form teacher/year level coordinator/administration.

  • Do not encourage your child to hit back.

  • Support your child in developing their talents in order to build confidence.

  • If bullying involves physical abuse, you have a right to consider police action.

Advice for students

  • Refuse to “go along with the crowd”

  • Refuse to watch bullying in the college and in the local community.

  • Report bullying incidents

  • Use distraction with either the bully or the victim.

Last reviewed 12 June 2019
Last updated 12 June 2019