Senior secondary schooling policy


Coorparoo Secondary College is committed to providing a breadth of opportunities and programs for students in the senior phase of learning. The college will challenge students at all levels, support them in setting and attaining realistic personal academic goals and remain committed to excellence at all times. It will also guide students in selecting and attaining credentials from a variety of pathways for successful transition post school.

The staff will support all students throughout their senior years at the college. They will also share the responsibility with parents and students for assisting each student in attaining his/her educational goals.

Senior students need to be self motivated and mature in their approach to their studies. They will be required to adopt effective study routines and commit to working in an increasingly independent way. They will be expected to work as part of their cohort and achieve their very best.


  1. The college will provide a range of high quality academic and vocational study options.

  2. The college staff will provide personal monitoring and goal setting for all students in its support of the students’ academic and vocational pursuits. 

  3. Students will be expected to:

    • have the required equipment, and textbooks for each lesson

    • engage actively in their learning

    • approach their studies in a diligent manner

    • access available support services if needed

    • participate in formal progress discussion meetings

    • demonstrate compliance with the IT user agreement

    • be accountable for their behaviour and learning actions

    • be responsible for their learning, keeping a standard of work acceptable to Coorparoo Secondary College expectations.

  4. Parents/Carers will be expected to support their student/s and work collaboratively with college staff.

  5. Each year 10 student will participate in a senior education and training planning process. This formally begins with the submission of an individual Student Education and Training (SET) plan. The plan will be endorsed by his/her parents/carers but will only become operational once approved by the college. 

  6. There are pre-requisites for senior subjects. These will be:

    • published on the college website in a timely manner for the information of students and parents;

    • applied in such a way that they do not unreasonably limit realistic future options

    • applied in a way which takes account of the needs and circumstances of each student.

7. In addition to its ongoing support and advice Coorparoo Secondary College will implement, in consultation with the student and his/her parents/carers, a targeted plan for students who achieve less than a "C" grade (or VET equivalent) in any senior subject, at the end of a semester. If a student does not achieve the agreed outcomes of the plan, the college may require the student to amend or change subjects or course.

8. Coorparoo Secondary College will provide a comprehensive and rigorous Queensland Core Skills Test preparation program. Students, for whom this program is appropriate, will be required to participate diligently in all aspects of the program. 

9. Students are expected to attend the college unless absence is approved.

10. Students are expected to be punctual, prepared and attend all classes.

11. Failure to comply with the student requirements of this policy will be considered a breach of the college’s student code of conduct​. In addition, students whose behaviour amounts to refusal to participate in the education program may have their enrolment cancelled.

Last reviewed 24 March 2022
Last updated 24 March 2022